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Deana Penn






45 Brixton Road
Watford, UK, WD24 4DX

Date of Birth:

March 20th 1996

How did I get here?!

I personally like to blame Simon Pegg and Nick Frost... gotta add the name drops right? But in reality, it was my love for all things sci-fi that lead me down this road. I tried going down the academic side of things, I really did, but it didn't work for me. The first time I stepped into a theatre, I knew I was home. The Jellicoe Theatre was a special place, one that not only taught me how to act, but how much of a found family the acting world is. I haven't been able to stop since learning that. 

Acting allows me to become all the people little me dreamed of becoming.

The art side of things is mainly thanks to my mum. Drawing/painting runs in the blood I guess and as a child I very much enjoyed all things art. Not just drawing but also things like photography allowed me to capture the world and keep it in my pocket (my god what a pretentious line...) 

In later life it allows me to get back into my head a little, when the world is moving that little bit to fast, sitting down and drawing or going out and finding small things about the planet that are still good is just a nice way to reconnect and breath a little. 

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